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180 Cup

It's time to party!

180 Cup

This product is designed to combine the customary purpose of the “Red Party Cup” while eliminating the frantic search for a clean shot glass. Key party cup features - easy storage, disposability, large capacity and affordable price have been maintained while purpose has been enhanced.  180 CUP is a standard drinking cup when it’s right - side up and when flipped 180 degrees it acts as a shot glass! This is essentially two cups in one, eliminating the expense for both shot glasses and drinking cups.

180 CUP is specifically designed to not interfere with any of the popular drinking games, such as Beer Pong and Flip Cup. Besides, the 180 CUP being hip, cool, and fun, it serves a purpose which you can’t live without! The combination of the shot glass and drinking cup is perfect for anything from parties, college fraternities, and tailgating, to bars and everyday life.

92% re-buy from clients. 

You can find the 180 cup at all Alberta Sobeys Liquor locations.

CSPC: 900341

The Intelligent Wine Preserver

Intelligent Wine PreserverFor Red Wine, White Wine & Champagne!

Once open, wine begins to oxidize when it touches air. In order to preserve the remianing wine for several days, it is necessary to remove the air out of the bottle, reduce the oxygen and slow down the process of oxidization, which extends the time of wine freshness.

The automatic wine preserver can pump air out of the bottle and hold out a certain negative pressure. It can also detect the pressure changes in the bottle. When negative pressure values increases, it automatically pumps and maintains the pressure at a stable vacuum state.

  • Electronic Automatic Vacuum
  • Intelligent Permanent Pressure
  • Anti-tilt Protection Design
  • Wine Temperature Test
  • Storage Time Results
  • LCD Screen Display
  • For Bottle Diameter 17.5-19.5 mm

Order direct: info@pureglobal.ca or call 403-630-0602

Patented Products NO: 201030566549.X